Monday, December 27, 2010

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By James Scott

It's outside the nature of the strong willed, motivated IPO consultant, global strategist or structuring consultant to give up and through in the towel but sometimes failure is the only option. When you deal with a company, which will represent most of your clientele, that will follow instructions to get from point A to point B you can help them succeed promptly with little resistance and you can optimize their position with relevant ease if you are truly qualified for the contract that you've taken on.

But when you step into an organization that at first is motivated and then because hesitant and fights you on the aspects of your solutions that will help them but they need in depth descriptions and conference calls in order to move on one minute detail of the strategy it's time to step away. Benchmark your fees so you don't have to negotiate a refund.

Get a small retainer and set up the remaining fees that are bench marked, success first, then payment. This way the worst that could happen is that the company get's free services and you walk away leaving the company better off than when you started and they have no angle in which to speak maliciously about you.

If you have a client that brings you on and then fights you for change there is a deeper rooted issue at play. There are psychological elements of insecurity, inferiority, partner disputes, undisclosed debt and other things that are outside of your control so don't take giving up as failure. Sometimes stepping away is best for the company but only if your billing cycle is as described.

It's important to leave the company better than it was before your were contracted. Your job as a consultant is about creating value and sometimes creating value is limiting your ability for personal capitalization.

Take it on the chin and move on. There is no shortage of assignments for good consultants in this desolate economic climate.

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